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We empower dog owners to develop a deeper connection with their dogs through relationship based dog training.

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Relationship Based Dog Training

Chasing The Wild is dedicated to helping dog owners in the Des Moines Iowa metro develop a deeper connection and relationship with their dogs through energy based dog training. We offer a holistic approach supporting not only the dog but the humans as well. Chasing The Wild works to connect humans with nature through their dogs re-establishing balance and harmony. Our supportive community of dog lovers welcome you and your dog to join our adventures. Not only do we solve behavioral problems with our clients dogs but we also take them on some amazing adventures! Like paddle boarding, off leash hikes in the forest, pack walks through the busy downtown area, brewery events and even weekend getaways to the mountains. Chasing The Wild is here to take you and your dog on a WILD adventure.

We are not your average dog training company. We get the results our clients are looking for. Whether your dog is reactive to dogs or people, guarding food or toys, barking, lunging, jumping up, door dashing, pulling on the leash, we’ve got your back. We even work with dog aggression cases. We focus on dog psychology first and foremost when addressing behavioral concerns with dogs. We believe that with consistent rules, boundaries and limitations we can create clear communication with our dogs. Dogs are followers looking for a leader, we empower our dog owners to take the lead as PACK LEADER.

Chasing The Wild is ready to empower you to take the lead on your dog training journey! Are you ready to change your life with your dog? Today is the day to create change in your relationship with your dog. Click the link below to schedule your FREE consultation call with one of our trainers. We look forward to connecting!

Kim walking a pack of dogs with Cesar Millan at the Dog Psychology Center
Kim with Cesar Millan at The Dog Psychology Center

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