Are you ready for adventure?

We empower dog owners to take the lead through real world dog training and adventure hikes.

Real World Dog Training

We are the leading dog pack hiking and dog training company in the Des Moines, Iowa metro area. We service amazing dog owners, just like you, and their dogs. We offer a holistic approach to dog care and training. We let dogs enjoy their wild side while providing the balance they need.

Our mission is to help dogs and their people connect with nature (and each other) on a deeper level. Our programs encourage dog owners to reconnect with nature and get active with their dogs. We focus on training dogs in the REAL world, setting them up for success on future adventures. We make an authentic connection with all of our clients, fully supporting them during their dog training journey. We realize that our clients have busy lives and need to utilize their time effectively. Which is why we’ve designed blended programs for our clients. Our blended training programs are not your standard group class or one time private dog training session.  We blend online dog training with real world adventure!

Tired of outdated training methods that leave you hanging? Ready for a different style of dog training? Connect with us today and get WILD! 

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