Where to begin with Kim and Chasing the Wild… Let’s just say I’ve learned so much. Coco started becoming more reactive while on walks and anxious in public since she’s now a senior. I didn’t want to make excuses for myself or Coco, so I knew it was time to take action. Kim’s vast knowledge in training, behavior and energy has transformed us to be back on track and consistent with Coco. I learned the training never stops, and it’s so true. Now Coco is back to being more chill and definitely much more well behaved when we take her around. I’m so thankful I know her. What a gift she is to the Des Moines, IA area <3
Arie and Coco
Kim does a great job even with super challenging dogs. She took my dog who was terrified of all strangers, including her, and has given him so much confidence. She exceeded my expectations when it came to the progress our dog made. He is more well mannered, calmer and better able to follow directions than before. Plus, you just can’t beat the convenience of her picking your dog up at your house, training him to your surroundings as well as training him in public. I would highly recommend the Master Class if you need to start from the basics. The Hike and Train is a wonderful addition to keep your dog socialized and continue with ongoing training. Our dog has been doing Hike and Train after finishing the Master Class and he appears to enjoy it every time. I appreciate her follow through and organization as well as the reports and great pics you get of your dog each time she has him.
Amber and Toasty

Barlee loves her nature hikes with the pack! So grateful to Kim and her family for running a wonderful business where pups can have so much fun playing and learning !
Jillian and Barlee

I am so happy with Kim and her company!
Isa and Alphonse
Kim provided valuable information to assist in training our dog, Dutch! She is intelligent, compassionate, and professional. Dutch had amazing experiences on his hikes and Kim provided pics along the way. I don’t think there’s another program that can offer the same opportunities!
Lisa and Dutch

Kim is amazing. She is to the point and very clear on how best to help your pooch! She took our wild unmanageable dog and turned her into a family pet. In just a few weeks our family and friends have how happy she seems and calm she is! We were so close to re-homing her due to her behaviors and were concerned about safety in our home. With kim we are all learning and growing can’t wait to see what the next few weeks can do!
Lindsay and Ava
Kim is amazing and has changed our relationship with our pup! Our dog has built confidence and discipline while having a ton of fun.
Joy and Ferg

YAY!!!! This is the best thing ever for my dog!
Margaret and Foster
Julian absolutely loves Kim & her pack! He comes home exhausted and that’s what my high energy little guy needs. I love the updates I get because I am obsessed with seeing him happy. The experience he gets being outdoors with other dogs and an animal lover is something you shouldn’t pass up for your fur baby!
Emily and Julian
They take great care of our boys and the boys love days that Kim comes! I feel very safe with the boys in their care and appreciate all the training help we’ve gotten. We have dogs that love life and are FAR better trained because of Kim. Highly recommend!
Amy and Edric

We’ve been so happy with Kim and CTW.! Our dog Mac has so much fun running around the woods with other furry friends.
Very open communication, feedback, report cards, snap chats and Facebook posts, Kim does an amazing job making you feel comfortable trusting you beloved doggy with someone else.
And honestly, I’m not sure who Mac is more excited to see at the front door, us or Kim..
Kevin and Mac