Meet Our Team

Kim Smith is the owner and founder of Chasing The Wild LLC. Kim has always had a connection with animals of all kinds ever since she was a child. She would always have a pack of farm dogs following her around the acreage while she trained them. Not much has changed really!

After pursuing an education in veterinary technology, animal science and animal ecology she worked nearly 14 years as a veterinary technician. She spent 4 of those years working in holistic medicine where she learned an extensive knowledge in holistic health care for pets. Kim is also a certified Reiki Master and frequently utilizes this energy healing with her canine (and sometimes human) clients. Her deep roots and knowledge in a holistic lifestyle for dogs has helped transform the lives of many dogs and their people.

Kim has studied animal behavior for years and has taken an online dog training course and participated in a hands-on dog training retreat. She has a community of dog trainers who she keeps in close connection with for support and guidance. Kim feels it is important to continuously learn and improve her skills, consistently reinvesting back into her own personal and professional growth. 

Kim also has a deep connection with the natural world. She is always outside adventuring and hiking, with or without the dogs! She has a deep desire to give back to the earth she is so deeply connected with and frequently hosts clean up events to give back to the community and earth. 

Kim has developed a program of dog training that utilizes online learning platforms and coaching support as well as real world dog training and off-leash trail hikes. This style of dog training supports the clients as they navigate their dog training journey while getting their dogs trained in the real world scenarios.

Kim’s family also take an active role in the business. Her husband, Ryan, manages the back-end of the business as well as maintaining the household. He and their kids will frequently join Kim on outings to help dogs with socialization and behavioral issues.

Stevie and Rosie

Stevie Lang has been called a ‘dog whisperer’ by strangers seeing her interact for the first time with dogs known for behavior issues. She’s felt a spiritual connection with animals since she was a little girl and is THRILLED to be able to utilize her skills to improve relationships between people and their canines through Chasing the Wild. In the past, she utilized positive reinforcement techniques with her dogs but when she adopted a bully breed dominant mix puppy, Rosie Rocket, she needed more. Rosie was much too reactive in group classes to learn and when certain switches got flipped in her brain, she had NO INTEREST in even the tastiest of treats available. In addition, behavior issues started emerging as she got older. Stevie and Rosie found what they needed through Kim and the Dog Owner Masterclass program. Now, Stevie is able lead the pack by fusing her extensive professional experience managing processes and people with the wealth of wisdom gained through working the program.