Meet Our Team

Kim Smith is the owner and founder of Chasing The Wild LLC. Kim has been working the dog industry for nearly 20 years. Her early career in veterinary medicine launched desire to help people build a healthy relationship with their dogs. Kim has a passion for holistic wellness and energy healing. She has studied under some of the best trainers in the industry and continues to reinvest in her personal and professional growth. You’ll find her hiking in the mountains in her spare time, family and dogs in tow.

Ryan is Kim’s husband and has been working alongside her for nearly 20 years. He manages the backend of the business, videography needs, assists with the dogs and maintains the household. Their daughters also help with the pack whenever necessary.

Ryan and his daughters- dog trainers

Caleb is our dog trainer apprentice. He has been working with dogs his entire life(he’s Ryan’s son!) and recently dove into the world of dog behavior. Caleb can be seen driving our dog van and out adventuring with the dogs on our pack hikes.



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