Meet Kim

Out of this world dog trainer.

I have always had a love for animals, dogs especially. As a kid I was set on becoming a veterinarian. I lived on a farm and there was always a cat or ten, pigs and of course DOGS. My desire to care and work with animals runs deep.

After high school I attended the veterinary technician program at DMACC. After graduation I worked nearly 15 years in numerous veterinary hospitals and settings learning animal behavior and handling skills. I also attended the animal ecology program at Iowa State University for 2 years, further expanding my knowledge in animal behavior and communication. Although I loved veterinary medicine and caring for the animals, I knew I needed to do more. I saw so many dogs who were scared, anxious, fearful, aggressive and insecure. It broke my heart to know that they were so insecure and lacked confidence in their owners. I wanted to help them but needed a little extra push.

A little over 2 years ago life shifted as it often does and I found myself in a position to follow my heart and create something amazing for myself and my family. We started out in October 2016 as a training and hiking company. Our focus is to train and modify the behavior of your dog in real world scenarios. We make learning these skills smooth for our clients and their dogs.

Our fusion training programs are not your standard group class or one time private dog training session. We combine a variety of learning components through the most advanced educational styles that are geared not only toward your dog, but toward YOU, the human, and your busy lifestyle.

Kim & Sunny- Dog Training Retreat Spring 2019