Meet Kim

Out of this world dog trainer.

My journey in the dog industry started off with a strong love for these creatures and veterinary medicine.

After nearly a 15 year career as a vet tech I decided I wanted to make a bigger impact for not only the dogs, but their people. There’s a strong connection between human and dog and I felt the connection was lost along the way. I wanted to reconnect things.

In 2016 I started my dog training business. I first focused on working with dogs solely in my home but quickly realized the need to work these dogs in the real world and in nature. They needed to experience all that life could throw at them but have an amazing time during the process. Life is all about balance and nature.

I’m a total hippie and love spending time outside in nature. I understand the deep connection we have with Mother Earth and how connected our dogs are. My connection with nature drives my business and supports our local community of dog owners. We frequently host clean up events in our local area connecting dog owners and cleaning up the environment. We encourage everyone to join us!

My goal has always been to help out dogs and their people connect with nature and learn in a way that is effective for everyone involved. I realize that we all have busy schedules and need to utilize our time effectively. Which is why I’ve designed fusion programs for our clients. Our fusion training programs are not your standard group class or one time private dog training session. We combine a variety of learning components through the most advanced educational styles that are geared not only toward your dog, but toward YOU, the human, and your busy lifestyle.

Kim & Sunny- Dog Training Retreat Spring 2019