Camp x Train

We get it! Sometimes you just need a break from your unruly dog. You just want a dog you can live with but honestly the whole process stresses you out. You just need some help and to step away from the situation for a bit to reflect. Or maybe you’re going on an extended vacation and would LOVE to come home to a new and improved doggo. Our camp and train program gives you the break you need and a totally transformed dog. Your dog gets life-changing experiences while you get that much needed break. When your dog finally comes home, you can enjoy a peaceful life with your dog. Ready for a transformation? Let’s connect!

Dog Owner Masterclass

Ready to have that well-mannered, chill dog you can adventure with? Tried all the training classes with no real results? Want dog training in the REAL world? You want a chill dog but don’t want to break their wild spirit. Well you’re in luck! We embrace the wild and add the perfect balance between learning and adventure. Our Dog Owner Masterclass is designed for adventurous dog owners who want a dog they can take anywhere without the worry of their dog acting a fool. We blend online learning with real world dog training and adventure hikes for busy dog owners and their active dogs. Interested in joining? Let’s connect!

Hike x Train

Does your awesome dog need more adventure in their life? Your dog has skills but needs that consistent physical and mental exercise, but you just don’t have the time or energy to give them what they need. You are not alone! We have the perfect program for your dog. We take small groups of dogs on adventures during the day in our lovely city of Des Moines. We focus on maintaining appropriate boundaries, loose leash walking, social skills and so much more! We also take the dogs on off-leash nature hikes on our beautiful trails to let the dogs get in touch with their wild side. We of course maintain strong recall skills with the dogs so they come when called, everytime. This program is perfect for graduates of our Dog Owner Masterclass and Board & Train programs. Ready to join the pack? Let’s connect!

Kim and the pack