Valentine Doggo

You got your dog for companionship.

You wanted a best friend, a snuggle buddy, an adventure dog.

You had high hopes for this maniac of a dog.

Daydreaming about long hikes in the woods, strolls thru the local market, Netflix and chill on those days you just need to relax.

Instead you have a psycho dog!

You can’t go for a hike, he’d pull you down the trail…you can’t take him to the local market, how embarrassing! And forget Netflix and chill, he has WAY too much energy for that!

Your sweet Valentine is legit a nightmare!

You’ve YouTubed every dog training video, called the local box pet store, reached out to a couple trainers…but nothing is vibin’ with you.

You love adventure, engaging with the world around you and you want to include your dog…how is a group class or home visit going to help?

Not to mention your crazy busy schedule…

Well, you’re in luck! What if I told you, you CAN have that chill companion who wants to adventure, follow your lead and Netflix and chill?

We utilize the most advanced style of teaching and training for our clients.

We focus on real world training and modern technology to facilitate the best experience for our clients. Dogs AND their humans.

So if you’re ready to take back control, build a lasting relationship with your dog all the whole having an epic experience, hit us up!

We have a few spots left in our program to help transform your dog from wild child to adventure buddy. Give us a call or drop a message! 515-805-6433

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