Your dogs vibe..

Your friends and family call you a hippie.

Your co-workers know you as the “essential oil lady”….

And seriously, you can’t deny it…I saw you giving that lady at the grocery store advice on the best CBD oil to buy.

It’s cool, I dig it.

Your house is full of crystals, succulents and the smell of lavender is forever present. (Same!)

And then there’s your dog, he’s your rock, your everything.

Except he’s fucking crazy! He constantly knocks your crystal collection to the ground.

He spills your EO diffuser every chance he gets.

Not to mention he ate like half of your succulents.

Ugh. You got your dog to bring more peace and balance to your life but instead he’s disrupted your vibe.

Your friends and family have no idea what the hell is going on, they’re used to your calm vibe and now you show up disheveled with this psycho dog.

You’ve lavendered the fuck out of him and its NOT working. Maybe another CDB treat?

Maybe he needs a sage cleanse?

OR maybe you need a little guidance and support along an unfamiliar journey.

You need help from someone who gets it, someone who’s on your vibe and ready help you with your dog.

And yes, EO’s, crystals and all the holistic love is welcomed and utilized.

You don’t have to go at this alone, we’ve got your back.

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