Ready to get wild?

You were born for adventure. You’re always on the lookout for the best trails to hike and the most secluded campsite.

You’ve spent your youth exploring and traveling every chance you got! You don’t want to stop now!

You got your dog because you wanted an adventure buddy to tag along with you everywhere!

You’ve seen all the Instagram posts with these amazing offleash dogs. They all seem so happy and refreshed! You want that for your dog too!

But it’s not happening…you’re dog is a jerk and has zero trail manners….really any manners at all. 😩

The last time you went for a hike he almost ripped your arm off trying to chase the rabbit! The thought of letting him offleash is terrifying!

At home he’s not much better, constantly jumping up and demanding attention. Not to mention the destruction when you’re away.

You’re completely stressed out over your dog and the lack of adventure in your life!

The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way! You can have the adventure dog you always dreamed of!

The one that runs the trails and always comes back when called. The one who ignores passerby’s and flicks an ear at wildlife.

You can get back to your adventures and your dog can join you!

You were born to adventure, and so was your dog.

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