Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy has been eating a species appropriate raw diet for 5 years.

She has never been healthier! She fit, active, her fur is super soft. She has energy and is always happy.

But it wasn’t always like this. She was diagnosed with Addison’s disease when she was only 2 years old. She’s almost 8 now.

At that time I had fed her the typical “high quality” dry kibble diet. I had her vaccinated and she had her preventives. She was even spayed at 6 months…

Then she was suddenly sick. We were out of town and luckily her caretaker rushed her to the ER vet. She nearly died.

I vowed to do better for her, I met an amazing holistic veterinarian who showed me the light. I changed her diet, titer tested instead of over vaccinated and switched to natural healthcare.

She slowly started to improve, her energy returned, she started losing weight. She wasn’t as stressed and anxious. It wasn’t overnight, it’s a process and she still takes steroids to keep her body in check.

She hikes with me on every hike x train session and helps with dogs that need some individual attention. She is always ready to adventure wherever I go.

Changing her diet and lifestyle has literally saved her life. I don’t know what I’d do with out Miss Piggy, she’s the best.

I know there’s a lot of dogs that are in desperate need of change. Not only their diet but their entire lifestyle. We all want a happy, healthy dog to spend our lives with.

I’m here to help if you’re ready to commit to change.

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