You never stop learning

Dog training is over-rated. Anybody can teach a dog to sit, lie down and stay.

It’s not challenging and it doesn’t take much time or energy on the owners part.

They are useful skills and fun to show off to your friends and family.

However those skills will only get you and your dog so far.

The real challenge is to apply those skills in real life scenarios. For example, would your dog sit and stay if it saw a squirrel running across the street?

Would they remain calm and not pull on the leash if they saw an excited dog approaching you?

Could you take your dog to a dog-friendly restaurant or brewery without them acting a fool?

The challenge most people face is changing their dogs behavior and how to utilize those skills in real life.

They lack the time and energy to work with their dogs because, well, they work, they have responsibilities and their lives to attend to.

And really, they don’t know what they don’t know. This doesn’t make them bad owners, just extremely busy owners!

But there is hope! You can have a dog that follows commands even in the most distracting situations. That well-behaved dog CAN be your dog!

You just have to reach out for help. We can guide you and your dog on a journey to success.

Are you ready? Call 515-805-6433 or email today to schedule a consultation.

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